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Pet Supplies Cat Litter Chimney Villa Pet Supplies

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Material: Cloth
Product Category: Cabin
Color: Brick
Specification: 39*40.5*44CM
Packing method: Opp bag
Product weight: 350g

The main body is supported by high density sponge, and the outside is polyester. No pilling and no hair loss, the overall shape is very warm and lovely
The cushion can be removed and washed. The filling material in the cushion is environmental protection pearl cotton. Pearl cotton is a three-dimensional crimp hollow fiber. It is processed into spherical cotton through special balling technology. The cotton ball is hollow and has large air permeability space. It has no caking elasticity. It has better heat preservation and air permeability. The cushion is still fluffy and not easy to deform after a long time of use;
Double sided cushion is suitable for all seasons according to the hot and cold weather.